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  • Jeans are for women too


    jeans for womenDenim will always be fashionable. Jeans are versatile classics that every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can wear jeans and pair it with any top you have in your closet. Jeans can go from casual weekends to a night out in town. If you are having trouble looking for the perfect jeans, read on to find out more about the latest styles just right for your body shape.

    Jeans come in different styles.  Knowing what looks on good for your body shape saves you from committing fashion suicide. Before going out to shop for jeans, you should know the styles that flatter your body. Continue Reading

  • Bikini Fashion for Less


    bikini for lessA bikini is any girl’s must-have. The perfect swimwear is the only accessory you’ll ever need when heading for the beach. However, choosing one that will look perfect on you is a very daunting task. You need to consider a lot of factors, especially your budget for beachwear.

    When looking for the best bikini to wear, you need to know the right tips so you will have a pair that is going to make you look sexy and confident.

    1. Consider the trend. Year after year, the trend of swimwear changes. To keep up with the fashion trend, you need to check on the latest styles that are currently “in”. Look at magazines, visit the malls, or you can also check online shops for a quick reference.

    2. Know your shape. Pear, apple, hourglass, and straight are the general shapes of a woman’s body. Each of them has specific beachwear that will perfectly match with the shape of the body. Choosing the correct style for a particular body shape will flatter your curves and enhance your assets so you will look gorgeous in your swimsuit.

    3. Highlight your best features by choosing colors and patterns. Pale skin will go best with deep tones; bright colors will flatter dark skin, and patterns help draw attention to the flattering body parts. Ruffles and other details placed on the swimsuit not only to make it look cuter but to specifically make pleasing enhancements to the body features. Continue Reading

  • Teen Bikinis


    teen_bikiniSummer is the perfect time to buy the perfect bikini. Bikinis come in all shapes, colors, sizes and prints. With all the options that will bombard you when you go the mall, how will you find the perfect pair for you? When you’re a teen it’s pretty exciting to buy your very first pair. To avoid disappointment, here are some tips to help you find the pair that will perfectly suit you.

    1. Set you budget first. Do not go for bikini pieces that will go beyond your budget. Remember: you won’t be wearing them all the time and most probably you will use them for only one season.

    2. Know your cup size and your body figure. Take a tape measure and take the necessary proportions. Know also your body figure. Are you an hourglass? Apple or pear shaped? If you buy the wrong bikini that does not suit your body figure, you might end up looking awkward or you might not be able to highlight your body’s best features.

    3. Stay away from solid color without prints or bikinis with plain and boring prints. There are lots of cool and fun prints that will accentuate your youth more. Going for solid colors make you look mature and older.

    4. If you are looking for that awesome bikini set, checkout to be mesmerized by their wide array of colors and hues. Lovely bikini sets and other beachwear are sold in different sizes for your custom preference. Also take note of the color that matches your skin tone. If you are fair, avoid white, yellow and black as these colors can make you paler. Continue Reading

  • When to Buy a Winter Wear


    Herning Full Zip

    The dresses, clothes, pants and shirts that one desires to buy every year tend to become more expensive than were a year before. That is why everyone tries to shop at best time where money is saved and style is not compromised. More and more styles available in markets make is a bit difficult for the buyer to chose and on the other hand desire of new styles and best quality products make customers spend more money.

    Best Time to Aid Winter Wardrobe:

    There are best times when customers are able to find and buy suitable and reasonable products in the market. In terms of winter wear the products must be bought by the start of winters first week. At this time more and more brands are under pressure to stock out the last year remaining inventory because by the start of the winter season new products are introduced and demanded. In order to find reasonable products that are stylish, though from last year, must be bought at the end of September and next month to track down stock outs of last year by famous brands in the market.


    Finding Comfort in Winter Wear:

    To get comfortable clothing people often compromise styles and prices both. In terms of compromising style people tend to buy products that match their winter wear needs. With winter and low temperature the demand of jackets and coats rises. Before the first sign of the winter arrival such coats and sweaters also considered heavy clothing are introduced to public in sales. As more new designs push these older ones to make space in the market it is the best time to find comfort in the market with brands like that of wendy nichol.

    Buying Winter Wear in Summer and Summer Wear in Winter:

    With high demand and high prices in respective season’s winter wear and summer wear are hard to afford. In opposite seasons the clothing becomes cheap and affordable. That is why there is a strategy to buy good full sleeve jackets, sweaters and fishermen dresses with fur coats in summer rather than in winters. With more pressure of the product demand in the summer and capacity of the stores more and more stores tend to open sales on winter wear in summer. This is the best time to hunt the comfy and stylish winter wear.

    Fisherman Dress

    Spring Season Hitting Stores:

    By the time when spring season starts hits stores, brands push out the remaining on season inventory of winter wear. It is the best time to aid the winter wardrobe with expensive and recent year styles that are kept highly priced during the winter season. This shopping time brings discounts to winter shoppers. Such products bought by the end of the winter season can be kept for next year and then you don’t have to rush to stores in September end and forward.

    About the author

    Tiina is a stylist and she likes to write on fashion topics.

  • What’s New With Michael Stars Clothing?


    Michael Stars ClothingBlonde Hi Low Muscle Tank

    Michael Stars is a name that is synonymous with good quality branded clothing. The brand is one of the premier clothing brands for females, its signature style is casual yet elegant. The company generally offers stylish t-shirts, novelty t-shirts, dresses, jeans, shorts and accessories like hats, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. If you want an effortless way of looking stylish and chic then you can certainly not go wrong with clothing from Michael-Stars. The best thing about this brand is its versatility in catering to women of all age groups.

    Recently the brand has launched its Spring 2013 collections which includes a lot of flowy dresses, rompers, mesh t-shirts for use in beach and casual t-shirts. The collection mostly consists of stripes, bold and neutral colors and a loose fit. There is nothing like wearing comfortable clothing during the spring-summer season and the company understands this perfectly. This does not mean that you have to shop for summer clothing only, if you are looking for cardigans, sweaters and jackets then you'll be able to find them in other sections of the official Michael Stars website.

    Cote d'Azure Blouse

    Looking back at the past, the company which is one of the leading clothing brands in the world, had quite a humble beginning. When it first started out, Michael Stars was a simple company that offered various kinds of t-shirts for women, like classic ones, vintage ones, designer ones, etc. Today, the brand has definitely evolved a lot in terms of its offerings, and it is even more popular than ever. The brand has a passion for producing casual and elegant clothing. With Michael Stars clothing, one does not have to sacrifice comfort for style, one can look stylish and yet feel comfortable in the outfits. Some of the trademarks of this brand would be luxurious, effortless and simple clothes. Thus, the price tags of these clothes are very much justified.

    When it comes to semi-formal outfits and even casual outfits at times, the brand uses the signature high shine fabric for that glossy and shimmery effect. Another signature product offered by the brand is the fitted tee. The company understands the curves of a woman perfectly, which is reflected on the clothing they offer. The Spring 2013 collection of Michael-Stars has pieces that feature uber soft layers, which means that it adds depth to the clothing with adding on bulk. Most of the clothing items from this collection are made from sheer linen and soy cotton, which makes them perfect for the season.

    About the author:

    This fashion article was written and submitted by Joey Miller

  • New Designs for Kids T Shirts


    Why Buy New Design T Shirts for Kids

    Bowie T Shirt

    Kid’s t shirts are quite important as all parents want their children to look great at all times. Therefore, they always go for what their kids like the best and get the similar kinds of t shirts for their children so that they can remain happy, fashionable and comfortable at the same time. T shirts have been worn by adults since many years and now kids are also being covered up in the trend as parents wish to dress their children with the best clothes and accessories. A while back, t shirts were considered to be boring and quite informal but the trends have changed drastically and now they are in vogue just as everything else is and the reason why many people, including kids, are seen to be wearing unique t shirts anywhere and everywhere, in different parts of the world.

    Importance of New Designs of T Shirts for Kids

    Mostly parents and their kids to wear t shirts when they play and get and rough and tough in their backyards, however, now they are even seen to be wearing fancy and beautiful t shirts for important functions and places. This is because of the fact that parents like to follow the fashion trends for their kids even as strictly as they do for themselves always. Apart from this fact, kids appear to look surprisingly very trendy and cute at unique t shirts that suit their age as well as complement their style at an early age.

    Popular New Designs of T Shirts in Kids

    Smile T Shirt

    In children, graphic and cartoon t shirts are the most trendy when it comes to the liking of parents and children themselves. The minecraft kids t shirts are in fashion now a day and one can find them almost any store. They are mostly seen to be wearing these kinds of t shirts effortlessly, while portraying immense style and trendiness. Many unique t shirt designs appear to have graphical designs and cartoon characters on them. Kids at an early age also prefer t shirts with unique superheroes as it is their age to obsess with famous cartoons and heroes as such. Parents mostly buy their kids t shirts like that as it suits their age and gives them an edge over all those who are dressed boringly. The children look striking smart and decent as they wear graphic t shirts as it is an individual and the undisputed style in the types of unique t shirts worn by kids all the time these days. Unique t shirts are always comfortable and parents make sure that they are while they buy it for their children, all the while keeping in mind that the t shirts would go perfectly well with pajamas and all other comfortable clothing items worn by kids now days. These new designed T-shirts can also be worn by kids when they are in a playing mode as they remain and rough and need comfortable clothing for that matter.

    Jordan help people in customisation their own garment and he would like to introduce the new Gangnam Style T Shirt collection for mens womens and kids.

  • What type of beach girl are you?


    123-kimono-victoria-front_1Hey there, beach girls! In case you were thinking of replacing your old swimsuit with a bright new one and you feel like so many options are a bit confusing, read this! You only need to know who you want to be on the beach, and the job is done. Are you a sporty girl, a glam or a flirty one? Whatever you might feel like, ZAMA has the right swimwear that will enhance your personality and make you glow on the beach! From rich and sultry hues to pretty floral patterns, you can make your choice based on what you believe suits you best!So, Check this out and find out which is the perfect beach item for you:

    Continue Reading

  • Find out which swimsuit fits best your bodyshape


    268-motley-purple-back_1Women are beautiful because they are so different from one another and the world would be super-boring if we all had identical looks or body shapes. Well, maybe we would not really mind that hot beach body of Gisele Bundchen… Anyway, we are who we are and we need to love both our strong and weak points. We’re stuck with them! smile

    When the moment to face a beach day comes and you are not really sure you want to expose so much skin in front of friends or strangers, keep in mind two things: you need to give your self-esteem a mega boost and you must make sure you know which swimsuit style fits your body shape best. That is all it takes to ‘kill’ the beach and ‘wow’ everybody!

    Here are Zama’s hot tips for you!

    Follow them to get the most amazing beach look ever! Continue Reading

  • Real men wear jeans


    c-772-1The world of men’s fashion is just as complex and sophisticated as its female counterpart. But given a choice, men in general will opt for a cotton shirt, perhaps a ball cap, comfortable sneakers, and of course a great fitting pair of jeans. It’s a common notion that men’s casual wear is all about putting on a sleek pair of jeans and a cool shirt. The combination, as simple as it is, can make you a man of style. It’s the ideal wardrobe right?

    Real men do wear jeans. In fact that’s an understatement! Jeans convey modernism and every man must at least have a pair of them. They have been around since the 1800s and there’s no indication that jeans will be booted out from men’s fashion anytime soon. There are updates from time to time but the basic design has remained the same over the years. From the man on the street to heads of states to the richest man in the world…we have all seen them sporting a pair of sleek-looking jeans.

    Through the years, jeans have become mainstays in men’s casual wear and they have been crafted in different cuts and new styles are added to them on a regular basis. A pair of blue and black jeans is a must, although it’s also advisable to have a pair of classic jeans. Good for you if you can afford a new pair each time men’s fashion changes. Having a pair of straight-leg jeans is also imperative since the slim fit trend won’t be persistent. But make no mistake about it, styles just come and go, what may be hip today may not be trendy tomorrow. Continue Reading

  • 5 Things to Consider When Buying Bikinis


    BLACK-AND-WHITE-FLORAL-HALTER-BIKINI-SETThe love month is another reason for you to show that sexy body and flaunt it with your new bikini set. Splash your way into waters and make a lasting impression. With confidence and style, your beach experience is a moment to remember.

    But before getting all pumped up, all the ladies must be prepared to strut their bodies in the perfect swimwear. If you’re a bit shy then you might want to go for a one- piece swimwear. But if you’re a bit daring then the perfect bikini is the way to go. Most girls may be overwhelmed by the fun colors and designs of all the different swimwear available but may be disappointed when it doesn't fit right. So how do you find the perfect swimwear for you? Here are some things you might want to consider.

    First, you should know your body. Know your proportions, size and body shape. Look at your body in the mirror and see if you’re a triangle, Continue Reading

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