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About ZAMA

What ZAMA is about

Ever find yourself in a fashion funk? See your t-shirt twin at the mall? Stuck in a rut for something racy and rare? Here at ZAMA, we understand what it’s like to be on the hunt for unique new fashion, so we thought we’d share our secrets with you. ZAMA is your destination for swimwear & beachwear that was made to love your body. No matter what size you are!

Whether you’re a Sexy Girl looking to seduce, a Sporty Girl with a flair for fitness fashion, or a Sleepy Girl who likes to look chic during her slumber, a Sunbathing Girl  who likes to splash around in a stunning suit, or a Sun-kissed Girl who wants to look bronzed and beautiful in a hot summer dress, we are sure to have an exquisite ensemble for you.

Don’t forget, we are always on the hunt and will be updating this website with outstanding new outfits on a regular basis. So check back soon, for the latest in unique fashion for a UNIQUE YOU.

Want to carry ZAMA unique fashion items in your retail or online store? Please visit our Wholesale Page for more information.

The History of ZAMA

ZAMA is a new online women’s clothing store, set up by 2 young women based on the Gold Coast of Australia, which sells Unique Fashion sourced from around the globe. The idea behind the store was to offer clients upmarket clothing items at a fraction of the cost of designer label pieces.

Born from an idea during 2010, the store recently went live with a range of high quality items including swimwear, beachwear, lingerie, sportswear and sleepwear and jeans.

Mainly promoted via social media and online marketing, ZAMA Facebook fans are provided with exclusive promotions and insights as well as social updates and chat about the latest fashion news interests for women.

Customers are generally women looking for something Unique that isn’t sold elsewhere, who are fashion conscious and want to look and feel amazing.

If that’s you - check out our store and make sure you become a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram fan for the best offers!